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Research at Vanderbilt

Lens magazine, which featured biomedical research at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, has ceased publication. Former Lens editor Bill Snyder and his colleagues now contribute to Vanderbilt's online research news channel, Research News @ Vanderbilt.

The contents of Lens are still searchable here on the Lens website, and free back issues of the print version of the magazine can be ordered by e-mailing Bill at

Research News @ Vanderbilt provides the latest news and views about science and scholarship at Vanderbilt University. In addition to biomedical and basic research, it explores a wide range of social, cultural, legal, political, business and educational inquiries. Its mission is to make science more accessible to the general public, to engage the public in lively discussions about academic research, and to raise awareness about the importance of public support of basic research.

Please join us at Research News @ Vanderbilt!